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The final delivery and QC(quality control) inspection is an essential step and the very last part of post-production. This ensures the final output is delivered to the highest quality and required standards. At CMC, we offer video mastering services for various platforms, including streaming, TV, and cinema. Our mastering process involves encoding your video files into a range of formats, including H.264, ProRes, DNxHD, HEVC, IMF, DCP, and more, and optimizing them to meet the technical specifications required for each platform. After final export, we QC check the entire file playback.

Experience pain free mastering, QC and delivery to all major platforms.

Master Video Export for Netflix, Amazon & More

Each platform has different requirements when it comes to resolution, bit rate, frame rate, and audio format, which we carefully consider and tailor our mastering process to match. Additionally, we conduct a thorough quality control (QC) check to ensure that the final product is error-free and that there are no technical issues such as artifacts or glitches in the final output.

For streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon, we follow strict guidelines for delivering the video files in different formats and with different bitrates to ensure smooth playback across a range of devices. For TV and cinema, we prepare the files to meet industry standards, including the Digital Cinema Package (DCP) format for cinema exhibition.

Overall, our video mastering services offer a comprehensive solution for delivering high-quality video content across various platforms, ensuring that your content is optimized for maximum impact and reach.
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At CMC, we believe in delivering high-quality work and exceptional client experience. With our expert team, state-of-the-art tools, and comfortable studio, we strive to keep our clients engaged and comfortable throughout the creative process.

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