Visual effects (VFX), involves the creation, manipulation, or enhancement of imagery using computer-generated techniques to improve or generate visual elements that are difficult or impossible to achieve in real life. Cut Mix and Color can assist you in completing all your VFX work, whether it is basic green screen keying or more intricate techniques like matte painting and rotoscoping. Our VFX studio is fully equipped with advanced software and hardware, and our experienced VFX artists are ready to bring your VFX ideas to life!

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Green/Blue Screen Keying

Green or blue screen keying involves removing the background from a shot by isolating a specific color (typically green or blue) and replacing it with a different background or environment. This technique allows for the seamless integration of actors or objects into virtual or real environments.
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Matte Painting

Matte painting is the technique of creating or enhancing painted or digitally generated backgrounds that blend with live-action footage. It is often used to create realistic or imaginative landscapes, cityscapes, or other environments that cannot be achieved practically.


Rotoscoping is the process of manually tracking and isolating specific elements in a scene frame by frame. It is used for tasks such as object removal, creating clean plate backgrounds, or separating foreground elements for further manipulation.
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Compositing is the process of combining multiple visual elements from both real footage and CGI to create a seamless final image or sequence.

VFX Cleanups

In addition to removing unwanted visual elements, our VFX cleanups service encompasses a diverse range of offerings. We excel in screen replacement, spark integration, beauty retouching, and other related tasks. With our expertise and attention to detail, we bring your footage to life by seamlessly addressing imperfections, enhancing screens, and adding captivating visual effects to enhance your overall visual experience.
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At CMC, the client experience is just as crucial as the quality of the work, so we’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure your clients experience the perfect blend of comfort, creativity, and engagement.

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